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Learn the most effective ways for your performance engineering teams to work within a DevOps Environment.

Performance Testing in Agile Methodology

Learn how to work within the Agile Methodology by developing non-functional requirements that fit the time frame available for performance testing.    This may require a change in direction from original planning.  Learn how to make those changes in direction in a timely manner as well as make recommendations for additional performance testing

Time Management for Performance Testing
Requirements for Component Testing
The pros and cons of working in sprints
Managing test execution times

Component testing in the Agile Workplace

Component testing is an essential part of the Agile workplace. Addressing potential performance issues in the early stages of software development and deployment is critical to identifying future problems. This is where code related performance problems can be more easily identified and corrected before they become problems in production.

Sprints are important in the Agile Methodology and many test teams are expected to work within sprints as well. While sprints are sometimes difficult to implement for QA, they are critical to keeping the application lifecycle process moving. Learn how to manage your time during sprints. In the Agile Methodology meetings can often take up half of your workday. Learning how to manage your time and testing schedule around you sprints and the sprints of other teams.