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Learn the most effective ways for your performance engineering teams to work within a DevOps Environment.

Real Time Reporting with Collaborative Tools

Learn how to use the open-source collaborative tools like Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Slack integration; Google’s collaborative tools; and Microsoft’s Office collaborative tools and code repository tools for tracking changes and sharing projects. Learn strategies for leveraging self-learning skills for continuous skills improvement. Open-source learning requires a lot of internet research.

Using Atlassian Tools
Real time reporting
Using Google’s Collaboration Tools
Collaborating for faster delivery

The Role of Self Learning

Learn how to use forums, YouTube and other open-source learning tools to stay on top of the latest innovations and changes in software development and deployment. Knowing how use performance testing tools is only one part of performance engineering. You also need to know how to communicate that information in real time to other stakeholders with the tools they use in their workplace.

Collaboration tools have revolutionized the speed at which we can produce our documentation and reporting. Using tools like JIRA, Confluence and Slack as well as Google’s collaborative tools is a must.