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We offer services to EMEA, Asia and the Americas both remote and onsite (after COVID)

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We work with your existing teams and software solutions to leverage your resources and reduce your overall cost.

Customer support

Learn the most effective ways for your performance engineering teams to work within a DevOps Environment.

What we offer

IT Future Horizons offers two
Training solutions

Corporate Professional Services Training for existing teams in

Performance Engineering

Software/Cloud Performance Engineering Training both Remote and Onsite (after COVID)

  • Gathering non-functional software requirements based on your company’s business needs
    • Testing both front and backend requirement such as API (REST & SOAP) and Database performance
    • Testing for Service Level Agreements
    • Testing pre and post migration to the Cloud
  • Managing Cloud Costs by reducing unnecessary resources
  • Superior automation aptitude and analytical abilities with both open-source and enterprise tools like JMeter & LoadRunner
  • Excellent IT Business Analyst skills that focus on leveraging and building on existing technology and staffing.
  • Superior methodological skills which focus on identifying performance problems and bottlenecks and developing reasonable on-budget solutions.
  • Superior project management quality assurance skills that focus on positive and on time end results.

Professional Services Training for individuals in

Performance Engineering

Software/Cloud Performance Engineering Instructor/Curriculum – Online Course Open-Source

  • Working in a DevOps environment – How to work with a DevOps team.
  • Understand your role in the Agile Methodology workplace
  • Open-source collaboration tools
  • Developing a performance test environment and data for testing
  • Non-Functional Test Requirements documentation – Developed on application business requirements
  • Performance Testing Architecture – Setting up a test environment & modeling
  • Performance Testing using JMeter open-source software for automated performance/load testing
    • HTTP request for web applications
    • o API testing (REST & SOAP)
    • o JDBC Database testing (MySQL)
  • Performance Test Reporting and Results and Recommendations documentation

DevOps Environment

Learn the most effective ways to work within a DevOps Environment. 

Agile Methodology

Learn how to work within the Agile Methodology by developing non-functional requirements

Collaboration Tools

Learn how to use the open-source collaborative tools like Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Slack integration

Performance Testing

Learn to identify non-functional test requirements and create modern concise documents

Test Methodology

Learn the three basic test methodologies for testing the Web, API and Database layers

Testing Architecture

Learn to develop test environments that mimic production and meet the data requirements