Non-Functional - Performance Requirements

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Learn the most effective ways for your performance engineering teams to work within a DevOps Environment.

Non-Functional Performance Requirements

Learn to identify non-functional test requirements and create modern concise documents that can be shared and published quickly to the important stakeholders in the application lifecycle process. Unlike functional requirements which focus on what an application does, non-functional requirements focus on how it performers, specifically how fast it performs. This requires an understand of how each tier of the application is working. We usually collaborate with he application architect and the QA teams to get the information we need to establish an SLA, measure throughput and establish the maximum capacity for that application.

Determine Non-Functional Test Requirements
Performance Testing Architect
Modeling Performance Tests
Building a performance test environment

Reduce Redundancy

Making sure that you have coverage of the important workflows in performance testing is critical to getting the results that reveal performance issues. These must be determined on a case-by-case basis. There is no blanket approach for this. We will learn strategies for performance testing architecture and building performance test environments.