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Learn the most effective ways for your performance engineering teams to work within a DevOps Environment.

DevOps Environment

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Learn the Role of Performance Testing in DevOps

Learn the most effective ways to work within a DevOps Environment. You will learn how to collaborate with members of the development and operations teams to make sure that performance issues are addressed during the development process. After deployment learn how to relate to the operations team to report address performance concerns by bridging the gaps between teams.

Time Management for Performance Testing
User Experience Testing Performance Testing
Non-Functional Requirements
Reporting results & recommendations

Bottleneck Hunting

Performance testing can often times be the cause for lots of passion between different teams when looking for the root cause of a performance problem in production. The key to successful bottleneck hunting is being able to recreate the issues that lead to the problem outside production. This requires cooperation between the engineering, development and QA teams. Good performance test engineering bridges the gaps between teams; creates a test solution that mimics production; recreates the performance issue; analyzes, report and makes recommendations for performance improvement.

Working with DevOps team is most effective way to model your performance test projects to bottleneck hunt and do root cause analysis of reported performance issues in production. We will cover using monitoring tools in production to give the kind of information needed to recreate performance issues that present in production.